French For Your Life In France – 1

If you are living in France or are planning to move to France,
don’t speak any French at all,

need French to put it into practice in your current or future everyday life,
and want to meet people in French

I have for you

a structured and stepwise learning plan,
specially designed for foreigners who are living in or moving to France,

and are starting French from scratch,
to learn online in a very small group
and reach A1 – elementary – level in French
for your everyday and social life in France.

With the course French For Your Life In France

Give priority to your oral skills

Learn French as it is used in France

Learn about the country and culture

Learn French in varied contexts

Overall goals

To start your French learning journey in order to gain independence for your life in France
To reach A1 – elementary – level

Start :

✅ Hacking the French language rules and finding out its breadth and nuances

✅ Communicating in a socially appropriate way according to the situation 

✅ Understanding French as it is daily spoken and pronounced in France

✅ Thinking, expressing yourself and growing your spontaneity in French

✅ Building up techniques and habits to learn by yourself

✅ Understanding the country and cultural habits

And also:

☑️ Feel that French can and will become one of your languages too

☑️ Feel confident enough to speak and take action in French

☑️ Make an opportunity to learn out of your mistakes

☑️ Actually see your progress

☑️ Stay motivated to keep on learning

And this way, to be able to start connecting with people in French and moving forward with your plans in France

Learning plan and strategy

Learn French in a meaningful way to make the language your own

The learning plan is organised in progressive units and combines reflection and action.

In each unit:

You will carry out an authentic mission in your daily life beyond the framework of the course, in order to use French for real, in real-life situations (except unit 7 which will be a role play) :
– if you are in France, you will carry out these missions where you are currently living (or online depending on context),
– if you are not in France yet, you will carry out the missions online to prepare your arrival in France,

we will do role-playing, i.e. realistic and improvised short scenes to prepare you for the social interactions of everyday life outside the course,

we will be sharing and talking about ourselves throughout the course,

and many more activities to work on all the aspects of language (grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation), communication and culture.

We will work on written and reading skills of course, but we will give priority to oral skills, including spoken French comprehension and pronunciation.

Yes, you will definitely talk a lot!

Plan overview:
(indicative as it may be modified according to the needs that we may identify)

Unit 1 : Mission « Meet your French learning group »

Unit 2 : Mission « Register for the city library card or a hobby »

Unit 3 : Mission « Choose presents for your family and friends »

Unit 4 : Mission « Shop at the local market »

Unit 5 : Mission « Cooking time »

Unit 6 : Mission « Plan an online meet-up with your French learning group »

Unit 7 : Mission « Go to the doctor »

Unit 8 : Mission « Show your neighbourhood to your French group »

Unit 9 : Mission « House hunting »

Unit 10 : Mission « Look for a second hand piece of furniture for your home »

Unit 11 : Mission « Share your culture, and give some travelling advice »

Unit 12 : Mission « Tell us what happened »

You will learn the language as it is actually used France in different situations, in order to understand it better but also to sound natural when you speak French, even at beginner level.

You will put the language into practice in real-life situations during the missions or in realistic situations during role-plays.

During the different activities and tasks you will have the possibility to take decisions, be yourself, use your imagination, sense of humour and critical thinking skills.

You will learn by doing and thinking in French

You will be part of a group and will have the opportunity to meet people who are in a similar situation to yours. You will carry out activities in cooperation with your group, and you will help each other.

All in a positive and supportive environment : a safe place where you can feel confident enough to try and make mistakes (essential for learning), and this way gain confidence in French.

Furthermore I will consult you on a regular basis to find out how you feel along the way. I take care of your motivation, the engine for learning!


From 66 hours to 73h40 of live sessions…

…to talk:

communicative and expressive activities; conversation; role-playing; analysis on language, communication, cultural codes; oral grammar and pronunciation practice.

More than 66 hours of individual and group activities between sessions…

…to get ready for the next session and get deeper into the previous content:

online listening, reading and writing activities; real-life challenges; online grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation exercises; analysis on language, communication and cultural codes.

Follow-up and support throughout your learning path:

I will be at your side, listening to you during and between sessions. My role is to:

explain, advice, correct, assess and support you.

And also:

a log or diary for self-assessment and assessment (by me) of your skills, and to keep a track of your progress,
the notes taken during the live sessions will be sent over to you,
lots of materials and resources will be provided to ensure regular practice and high exposure to the French language.

Digital tools and equipment

During and between sessions, we will use digital tools, most of which (and as much as possible) comply with the European GDPR, including:
the video-conferencing tool Jitsi Meet (Framatalk), or Google Meet if necessary.
Jitsi Meet and Google Chrome can be used without downloading or creating any online account: you will just have to click on the link that you will receive prior each session, it is very simple.
an online platform to share documents and for communication with the group between sessions
an open source software to help with memorization, that you will be highly encouraged to download (to computer, tablet or phone) as I regularly send training exercises using this tool

During the live sessions, you will need :

A computer with videocamera + headphone or earbuds + a microphone
You need to master the basics of using a computer: download and open documents, edit text documents, click on links, enter a URL (= an internet address), open/reduce/close windows and tabs, use your email box by yourself.
A good internet connexion. If possible, connect your computer directly to the rooter/modem using the cable.
A quiet place where you are alone.

Dates and cost

726€ for 22 weeks

= 66 hours to 73h40 of live video conferencing sessions
+ more than 66 hours of activities between sessions
+ follow-up, assessment, correction, support

Payment in 5 installments :
95€ upon enrolment,
95€ two weeks after the start of the course at the latest,
195€ four weeks after last payment at the latest,
195€ four weeks after last payment at the latest ,
146€ four weeks after last payment at the latest

Which is equivalent to:

33€ per week

= between 3h and 3h20 of live video conferencing sessions
+ more than 3h of activities between sessions
+ follow-up, assessment, correction, support

between 9€85 and 11€ per hour

= 1 hour live
+ at least 1h of activities,
+ support

Important note: The duration of the sessions depends on the number of people enrolled:
the more participants, the longer the sessions and the lower the hourly rate:

• If 4 people have enrolled: 2 sessions of 1h30 each per week (total: 3h weekly) + minimum 3h of activities between sessions = at least 6 hours of active learning per week

• If 5 people have enrolled: 2 sessions of 1h30 each per even week and 2 sessions of 1h40 each per odd week (total: 3h or 3h20 weekly) + minimum 3h of activities between sessions = at least 6 hours of active learning per week

• If 6 people have enrolled: 2 sessions of 1h40 each per week (total: 3h20 weekly) + minimum 3h of activities between sessions = at least 6h20 of active learning per week

Next course:

To determine

Would you like to be informed about the next enrolment period?
I can notify you by email!

Days and times to be decided with the group
before finalising your enrolment

Enrolment procedure

1- Request for enrolment
Fill in the pre-enrolment form.
This is when you specify your availabilities for the live sessions and accept the Conditions of Sale.

2- Payment and finalisation of your enrolment
You will reveive your invoice by email for your first payment.
You will make the payment by bank transfer. Once payment is received, you are considered enrolled.

3- Welcome booklet
Once the enrolment process is complete, you will receive by email a welcome booklet,
and then let the journey begin!!

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