??️ A radio series and comic strips to learn French: Les voisins du 12 bis

Les voisins du 12 bis is a radio series in 13 episodes, also adapted as 13 comic strips, to learn everyday French at A1+/A2 level, through a fictional story: Billie, newly arrived to France, and her new neighbours. Excellent material to learn by yourself. Let me introduce it and tell you how to use it.

RFI (Radio France Internationale) website offers this radio series and comic.

Why is it a good resource to learn French at A1+/A2 level?

• Because recordings are good. Actors speak in a casual way, then it sounds real (unlike many French textbooks for example). There is a very good sound editing too: there are noises and an ambient that sounds realistic, which takes you into a real immersion.

• Because there are online questions which help you understand and learn. Each episode is divided into 2 exercises, and each exercise consists of about ten self-correcting questions. You will be working on language, and also of your knowledge of daily life in France.

• Because the resource is complete. You have an audio document (the radio series), questions to practice and learn, a transcription (the text of the episode), and a comic. The you can practise your reading and listening skills.

It’s fun. Quality recordings, relevent contents, and the comic format will make you have an enjoyable experience.

How to use this resource?

For each episode:

1- Listening exercise
? Listen to the audio once.
Then ✍️ start answering the online questions: for each question tick your wanser, click on valider, check the correction, click on suivant. Of course you can listen as mush as you wish!

? Don’t forget to use the dictionary!
? The best French-English dictionary is Wordreference : https://www.wordreference.com/

2- Find out the transcription : reading, vocabulary, pronunciation
Once you have answered all the questions, click on the button transcription, right below the ausio player ? to read the text. You ?? can listen again the episode while reading the transcription. A good habit is to ✍️ write down the new words and expressions.
You can also practise ??️ outloud reading and ??️ check your pronunciation wih the audio.

3- Find out the comic pages:
After working on the audio episode, ? read the comic strip. You can also practise your speaking ?️ by playing the characters.

The resource

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