One-to-one French Classes

Page under construction,
but you can enrol now!

One-to-one classes, active learning in context, tailor-made content, according to your needs, interests and goals:

→ everyday French, professional French

→ speaking, understanding, pronouncing, writing



= 1-hour live session
+ at least 1 hour of independent activities
+ monitoring, corrections, support between sessions

Enrolment procedure

1- Request for enrolment
Fill in the pre-enrolment form.
This is when you specify your availabilities for the live sessions and accept the Conditions of Sale.

2- Assessment of your level and your needs (this is free)
You will take an assessment and self-assessment written test that you will receive via email,
and we will arrange a short online one-to-one meeting so I can hear you speak French.

3- Payment and finalisation of your enrolment
You will reveive your invoice by email for your first payment.
You will make the payment by bank transfer. Once payment is received, you are considered enrolled.

If you have a question, ask me!