General Terms and Conditions of sale (GTC)

Updated on the 24th of January 2022
(1st edition on the 19th of February 2020)
Validity : until the next update

General Terms and Conditions of sale (GTC) to individuals

The present General Terms and Conditions of sale (or “GTC”) apply to all services for French (as a foreign language) learning, provided by “La Cédille” – commercial name of the individual business Héloïse Bertre (N° Siren or registration No: 882514391) – for private individuals.

Hereafter “La Cédille” refers to the seller ; “the Learner” refers to the private customer ; “course” refers to a service (classes, events, etc.) provided by La Cédille for individuals.

The GTC can be found at any time on La Cédille website ( in the original version in French, as well as translated, into English and Spanish.

The Learner must fully agree to the GTC in effect on the day of their registration request through the online form (available in the course description on, by ticking the provided box.
Further to their registration request through the online form, the Learner receives by email a copy of the applicable GTC – as well as an English or Spanish translation if they have asked for it through the form.

Registration conditions

To attend a course provided by La Cédille, the Learner must be priorly registered for it.

So the Learner’s registration is valid, the Learner must (altogether) :
– be at least 18 years-old at the time of their registration request,
– fully accept the GTC through the registration form,
– have done the payment corresponding to their registration.

Payment conditions

The Learner must do the payment in the period of time stated on the invoice.
Beyond the deadline, La Cédille reserves the right to cancel the Learner’s registration procedure.

Available payment method: bank transfer in euros (possible fees are borne by the Learner), after issuance of an invoice.


The prices stated on are the applicable prices, all tax included.
There is no additional cost whatsoever to what is stated on

Cancellation conditions

Any course cancellation on La Cédille’s initiative, whatever be the motive and whenever is the moment, will result in the course reimbursement to the Learner, in proportion.
In case of cancellation, the Learner is informed by email, as soon as possible.

If the Learner has started to attend the classes, they cannot ask for their registration cancellation, nor pretend for a reimbursement.

Non-attendance and late arrivals

In the event of late arrival by the Learner, La Cédille does not proceed to any reimbursement whatsoever.

Group classes

In the event that the Learner is absent, they are not reimburse the missed session. La Cédille provides the Learner with the documents from the missed session, by email.

One-to-one classes

In the event that the Learner is absent, they have to inform La Cédille at least 24 hours in advance, and therefore the session will be postponed in accordance with the Learner’s availabilities.
In the event that the Learner does not inform on time, La Cédille reserves the right to charge the missed session.


In the event of misconduct, La Cédille reserves the right to definitively expel the Learner without any prior notice nor refund.

Intellectual property and copyright

The learning documents whose author is La Cédille are protected by the intelectual property. These documents belong to La Cédille and are only intended for the learners they are given to in a context of service provided by La Cédille.

The Learner undertakes not to, either fully or partly, use, relay or copy these documents in the purpose of course teaching/management or content publishing, without prior authorisation from La Cédille.

Any unauthorised use of the documents whose author is La Cédille will be considered a counterfeit and may be sued in accordance with the intelectual property code.

Image rights

La Cédille undertakes not to make any use whatsoever of the Learner’s image.

The Learner undertakes not to make any use whatsoever of the teacher’s image, subject to prosecution.

Protection of personal data

By starting the registration procedure, through the registration form, the Learner undertakes to provide true and honest information, thus allowing the smooth running of the service. Conveying false information is against the present GTC.

By agreeing to the present GTC, the Learner authorises La Cédille to store, process and use the data provided by the Learner for the purpose of providing her services, and this in compliance with French and European regulations with respect to the protection of personal data.

La Cédille undertakes to only ask the Learner for information which is limited, relevant and appropriate to the purpose of providing her services. It will actually be:
– data for educational management, i.e. for assessment, guidance and choices for the Learner’s French learning process,
– data for accounting and logistical management, such as the devis (or contract) drawing up,
– data for fluent and regulatory communication and interaction.
This data is mainly about personal identity, contact details and information related to French learning and life experience in France.

The collected data is strictly confidential and La Cédille is the only and exlusive holder : Héloïse Bertre is the person in charge of personal data management.
This data is retained for a maximum period of 2 years as from the registration request through the preregistration form.
La Cédille does not transfer any data whatsoever to any third party.

La Cédille uses, as much as possible, encrypted and secure online tools in order to garantee the protection of the Learner’s personal data.
It is the case for the videocalling tool Jitsi that La Cédille preferably uses for the online classes. However, in the event of technical issues that cannot be resolved, La Cédille might use another videocalling tool that will not garantee the protection of the calls (such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc.).

In accordance with the applicable regulations, the Learner has the right of access, rectification, deletion and portability of their data, the right to limit or oppose processing, the right to place a complaint with a supervisory authority (la CNIL) , and to give instructions on the use of the data.
The Learner can exercise their rights, at any time, by contacting La Cédille by email: 


La Cédille shall consider and process any complaint received by post.

Any dispute is exclusively governed by French law. In the absence of amicable resolution, the dispute is submitted to the competent courts in Nantes.