Online French classes in a group

Are you living in France ? Are you considering to move to France ?

I offer you online French classes in a (very!) small group:

Online meetings:

live sessions with the teacher in a maximum 5-people group.
Our goal: to remove your doubts and… talk!

→ role playing, conversation, expression activities, oral grammar exercises.

We use the videocall tool:
Google Meet.

Self-learning activities:

inbetween sessions you get online activities to keep on learning all along the week.

→ listening activities, grammar exercises, reading or writing activities, brainstorming activities.

One-to-one support:

an available teacher throughout your learning journey, both during and inbetween sessions.

→ guidance, correction, explanation.

If you have any question regarding online learning, contact me!

French classes for your life in France:

My goal is to help you:

Think, communicate and express yourself in real life:
to help you say as accurately as possible what you have in mind in your social, practical and professional life in French.

Speak in an appropriate way depending on the situation:
to stop talking like a book, and be able to adjust the way you speak.

Understand French when spoken by French people:
to understand more than just French teachers and the news on TV.

Understand everyday life in France:
to get your bearings amongst the cultural habits in this country.

Speak with confidence:
to stop being just watching.

✔ Speak with a better grammar:
to avoid misunderstandings due to grammar, especially conjugation.

✔ Discover French language nuances and make them yours:
to learn the language as it really is.

We focus on oral skill, but we also work on written skills.
Contents depend on the needs we identify as we go.

If you have any question regarding the classes contents, contact me!

Evening French classes


(click on the schedule to enlarge)

We will decide together which group you will be assigned to.

If you are a beginner, or if you are not available at those times,
find out the one-to-one classes!


4 weeks
Live sessions
Activities inbetween sessions

The duration of the sessions varies according to the amount of people who signed up for the group:

→ 1 person enrolled = one 45-minute session per week. Total: 45 minutes per week + activities.
→ 2 people enrolled = twice 45 minutes per week. Total: 1hr30 per week + activities.
→ 3 people enrolled = twice 1h00 per week. Total: 2 hours per week + activities.
→ 4 people enrolled = twice 1hr15 per week. Total: 2hr30 per week + activities.
→ 5 people enrolled = twice 1hr30 per week. Total: 3 hours per week + activities.

If you have any question regarding prices, contact me !

Registration procedure

1 – Registration request:
Fill in the registration request form
and accept the General Terms and Conditions of sale.

2 – Individual appointment (free) + questionnaire:
We will arrange an online meeting in order to speak French.
You will fill in an information and self-assessment form.

3 – Payment:
You will receive your invoice by email.
You will make the payment for your registration, by bank transfer only.

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